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Traumatic Events

Have you experienced, witnessed or been confronted by an event involving actual or threatened death or serious injury, or a threat to the physical integrity of self or others? Was your response intense fear, helplessness or horror?

Accidents, Natural Disaster, Illness, Injury

Accidental Physical Injury
Industrial Accident
Work Accident
Invasive Medical Procedures
Injury or Illness
Motor Vehicle Accident
Natural Disaster
Property Loss

Threat or Harm to Others

Death of a Loved One
Injury or Illness of a Loved One


Threat to a Loved One
Witness to Violence
Suicide of a loved one

Threat or Harm to Self

Adult Sexual Assault
Childhood Sexual Abuse
Combat & Military Sexual Trauma
Communal Rejection (Scapegoating, Shunning)

Cults and Entrapment

Domestic Violence

Physical Assault
Sexual Harassment
Threat of Physical Violence
Victim of Crime
Victim of Violence
Witnessing Traumatic Event

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