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Types of Trauma: Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is insidious in the many ways it impacts one's life. Intimate relationships can be a challenge because of the many painful triggers for sexual abuse victims. It is not unusual for a victim of child sexual abuse to be either sexually promiscuous or sexually "anorexic." Sexual abuse can impact one's sense of self and leave one with feelings of shame, guilt and "creepiness" around the perpetrator and anyone that triggers memories of the perpetrator.

What Is Sexual Abuse?

Cheating / Unfaithfulness
Coercing Sexual Contact
Exposing Partners to Disease or Pregnancy
Objectifying as a Sexual Object
Pain or Humiliation Used for Arousal
Painful or Unwanted Touch or Tickling
Staring at Body Parts
Suggestive Comments
Using Sex to Control, Reward or Punish
In Children: Any sexual touch, even if child complies, agrees, is aroused or initiates.
In Children: Using a child in any way for sexual arousal, even if child is unaware.

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