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Other Types of Abuses

Types of Trauma: Financial Abuse

This type of behavior is counterproductive to relationships that are based on mutual trust and equality.

What Is Financial Abuse (in Relationships)?

Controlling Money
Secret Funds
Secret Purchases
Spending Sprees w/o Agreement
Stealing from Partner
Withholding Money for Basic Needs

Types of Trauma: Property Abuse

Property abuse is violence that is used to express anger, and intimidate and control others. All too often, it is not recognized as abuse but it can easily create a state of hyper-vigilance in the victims, and this ongoing fear is especially damaging to child victims.

What Is Property Abuse?


Types of Trauma: Animal Abuse and Cruelty of Animals

Many stories of child abuse include the witnessing of animal abuse and cruelty. The sense of helpless that is experienced when witnessing violence can be particularly intense and EMDR Therapy can be helpful in alleviating much of the suffering from traumatic events like these.

What Is Animal Abuse?

Creating Fear


Mean Teasing
Physical Harm
Pulling Tail
Setting on Fire

Types of Trauma: Spiritual Abuse

This subject is understandably a sensitive one, and often one of great confusion. When the dogma of a religion is physically, emotionally or mentally destructive to a person's sense of self, safety and well-being it has been referred to as spiritual abuse or "toxic spirituality."

What Is Toxic Spirituality?

Religious practices are toxic when they’re based on shame, blame and guilt, rather than support, love and trust. Spirituality becomes a source of trauma when it damages an individual’s health, self-esteem, safety, sanity, intimacy or personal effectiveness.
When this type of abuse appears to be sanctioned by God, the damage permeates the very core of one's being and therefore undermines a healthy sense of self.

What Is Clergy Abuse?

When an abuser is an official in a religious institution, acting in the name of God, this is referred to as clergy abuse. An example of this would be a Catholic priest who sexually abuses one of his parishioners.
Spiritual abuse is the practice of using the name of God or any religious dogma to hurt, control and demean others. The human desire for power is acted out under the sanction of being a "messenger of God."

What is Spiritual Abuse?

Any kind of physical, mental, sexual abuse in the name of “God.”
Placing a curse or bad omen in the desire to harm others.

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