Stephanie Baron, Ph.D.

Los Angeles, California  90025
United States
(310) 475-7535

EMDR Therapist Stephanie.Baron

Dr Stephanie Baron
10444 Santa Monica Blvd., Ste 302
Los Angeles, CA 90025
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Stephanie Baron, Ph.D.

Adults / Couples / Children

EMDR is an exciting therapeutic technique that allows patients to resolve issues in a remarkably short time. Long held irrational beliefs dissipate and when resolved, patients enjoy a better quality fof life. I feel fortunate that I have been trained in EMDR and can utilize it as much as I do.

In addition to my expertise in EMDR, I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which I integrate in my practice of EMDR. I have also been doing Critical Incident Debriefings since 1994.

My training in EMDR has changed my view of therapy and has made my practice vital and exciting. The joy on people's faces when they are free to lead their lives apart from their trauma is wonderful.