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Portland, Oregon  97232
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Mary T. Krug, LPC
2100 NE Broadway, Suite 101
Portland, OR 97232
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Mary Krug, MS, LPC


EMDR can truly be life changing. Since 2002, with EMDR, I witness many of my clients shed negative self beliefs, and become self accepting, confident and resilient. They develop inner peace and renewed vitality. Clients who have experienced trauma are healed from intense anxiety and depressed feelings.

In addition to my expertise in EMDR, I also have training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and the Emotional Freedom Technique.

All people are worthy of respect. With acceptance and respect for my clients, I seek to understand clients' experiences and to increase their awareness of their strengths in order to generate hope and courage to grow. I care deeply about my clients and I rejoice in their heali More >>>  

Free Initial Consultation (Ask for details.) : (503) 449-9729