Jocelyne R. Shiromoto, LCSW

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EMDR Therapist Jocelyne.Shiromoto

Jocelyne R Shirtomoto, LCSW
17291 Irvine Blvd, Suite 432
Tustin, CA 92780-9278
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Jocelyne R. Shiromoto, LCSW

Adults / Couples / Youth / Children

Prior to being trained in EMDR therapy in 1990, I was able to recognize that there were at times some limitations in traditional therapy when applied to developmental trauma and|or single incident traumas. In my initial training with Francine Shapiro, a statement she made ``EMDR is tapping on the body`s natural healing process`` significantly resonated with me. It was a hope that the limitations of traditional therapy would become more complete with this unusual approach, EMDR. Once trained, I rushed back to several clients who were eager for me to try this new approach with them....and since, this innovative approach did not disappoint me. I have been honored to be part of the EMDR therapy history and evolution. Being an EMDR facilitator with the EMDR Institute from the beginning has enhanced my skills and given me the opportunity to teach other clinicians this significant healing therapy. More >>>