Mrs. Suzi Sena, EdS, LPC

West Hartford, New Jersey  06119
United States
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EMDR Therapist Suzi.Sena

836 Farmington Avenue, Suite 221B
West Hartford, NJ 06119
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Mrs. Suzi Sena, EdS, LPC

Adults / Couples

My experience with EMDR is that it travels to places in the counseling process that talk therapy can not. EMDR helps our heart and head get on the same page – so we finally feel like an event is behind us, that negative inner critic no longer has power, and we can feel whole. I hold the same amazement my clients experience every time we go through the EMDR process. At first, my clients are usually skeptical – how are these eye movements, tappers, or alternating sounds really going to help integrate the things we discussed? By the end of the session(s), clients report being able to put a difficult memory or problem in its rightful place in their mind. Events or negative beliefs that have bothered them for years no longer have the power to limit their lives.

In addition to my training in EMDR, I hold 3 separate graduate degrees More >>>