Sharon Skelton, LMFT

Sacramento, California  95816
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Sharon Skelton, LMFT
2627 Capitol Avenue, Suite 4
Sacramento, CA 95816
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Sharon Skelton, LMFT

My clients tell me that EMDR works. Things make sense. They feel whole. I provide EMDR therapy for the grieving, for people with test anxiety or fear of public speaking, and those with childhood traumas that feel unresolved. For many people who have EMDR therapy, situations that used to trigger intense emotions, no longer do. People who have lost loved ones can let go of the pain and carry on the love. Abuse survivors begin to see themselves as more than what happened to them. Neglect survivors are able to fully engage with the people who are there for them now. People can uncover their fundamental strengths and access well-earned wisdom, so that when they show up on the big day, they bring their best parts with them.

I am a certified EMDR therapist. To further my own competence, I participate in an ongoing, confidential, More >>>  

Free Initial Consultation (Ask for details.) : (916) 719-3218