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Our Story

We are changing lives one EMDR session at a time!

The EMDR Therapist Network began at a Portland, Oregon EMDR study group meeting in the spring of 2006.

Carol Maker, a therapist member of the study group, saw the opportunity to satisfy two needs: to help the public find therapists who are offering EMDR therapy in their community, and to give other therapists a way to find EMDR training and study groups. Her enthusiasm for EMDR is based on her personal experience as a client with PTSD symptoms, as well as her professional experience as a trauma therapist specializing in PTSD treatment.

"After my first personal experience of EMDR, I knew that this amazing process was going to change my life and the life of my clients. Talk therapy was comforting, but temporary. EMDR changed the way my brain stored information and my body responded to trauma triggers. From my own personal experience, I was able to help my clients survive PTSD and the shame that is inevitable when your mind is routinely hijacked with a trauma response. I saw it was possible to move from "survivors to thrivers."

I attended EMDR training as soon as possible and started applying the skills. In my local EMDR study group, I was delighted to find that the community of therapists drawn to learn and practice EMDR was a unique group. Instead of talking about the diagnosis and hopelessness of their clients, these therapists were sharing what worked, what changed symptoms, what restored human dignity. I found the EMDR community was where I could increase my skills and share what I knew worked to relieve suffering.

I am honored to be bringing this great resource to the public. This website is evidence that EMDR increases one's ability to be effective in the world."

Carol Maker, LCSW
Founder of Inner Courage LLC and EMDR Therapist Network

The website has been enthusiastically received by both EMDR colleagues and the public. We now have over 4,000 visitors per month from 57 different countries. These visitors are looking specifically for information about EMDR treatment.

EMDR is truly a worldwide phenomenon and the EMDR Therapist Network supports its continued growth and acceptance.

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