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Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

To support the growth and worldwide acceptance of EMDR as an effective trauma and PTSD treatment.

Our Mission

Encourage the widespread use of EMDR for the systematic resolution of traumatic experiences and relief from PTSD symptoms, and as part of a treatment protocol for the development of internal resources, emotional intelligence, personal growth, and healthy interpersonal relationships.

the public and other service providers about the power of EMDR and link them to skilled EMDR therapists.

the professional practices of those individuals who are committed to using EMDR in their practices.

collaborative relationships between local EMDR therapists and other community-based service provider.

Our Values

Value ongoing enthusiasm for a treatment approach that has proven to be beneficial both personally and professionally.

Inspired Work
Conduct our business and develop this website with integrity, commitment, openness, balance, patience, humor and courage.

Value balance between protocol and thoughtful innovation, and support the development of an appropriate treatment in collaboration with each client.

Respectful Communications
Value respectful communications in every interaction, dynamic problem solving, and the peaceful resolution of conflict.

Reinvest a portion of all profits into endeavors such as the EMDR Foundation (for research) and EMDR(HAP) (the EMDR-Humanitarian Assistance Programs), which inspire a more peaceful, passionate and purposeful world for the next generation.

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