How Does PTSD Impact My Health? >>> Why hasn't my doctor evaluated me for trauma and PTSD?

Why hasn't my doctor evaluated me for PTSD?

Preparation for EMDR

Not so long ago, medical science did not see the link between disease and behaviors such as poor diet, smoking or drinking, much less the impact of trauma on health. However, in the last few years that has changed dramatically, as the impact of stress from past and present circumstances has been recognized. And a simple screening for current sources of stress,traumatic events in a person's history, or signs of PTSD such as anger and rage, or fear and submissiveness will indicate when a referral to a psychotherapist is indicated.

An integrative holistic approach to wellness will encourage using
psychotherapy to alleviate the effects of trauma and learn stress reduction skills. When prescribing depression and anxiety medications, a holistic health care provider will make a referral to a competent psychotherapist to assist the patient in exploring the psychological nature of the problem.

The High Cost of Undiagnosed PTSD:

Studies show that early diagnosis and appropriate treatment of trauma-related disorders are cost effective, especially when compared with the cost of inaccurate or inadequte treatment. In one study of women with trauma related dissocative disorders, if a correct diagnosis had been made after 12 months of treatmet, rather than after an average of 99 months of treatment, the estimated savings would have been $250,000 per patient!

Trauma Screening in the VA (Veterans Administration):

The VA has now integrated PTSD screening and treatment services with their routine medical care, and has made sexual trauma screening mandatory for every healthcare provider in the federal system. An unexpected result of this change in policy was that many more veterans were diagnosed with PTSD,


sometimes after they and their families had experienced 40 years of intense pain and suffering. Another surprising find was that close to 50% of the military sexual trauma victims identified have been male. Men and Sexual Assault

Trauma Screening in the Private Sector:

As healthcare providers in the private sector become more aware of the research funded by the federal government and understand the link between trauma and physical health, they will be able to provide more comprehensive care with careful screening and proper referrals to therapists trained in trauma. They may also form collaborations with EMDR-trained clinicians, or get trained themselves.

Ask your healthcare provider about the benefits of screening for and treating unresolved trauma with appropriate treatment such as EMDR therapy, and urge them to become more knowledgeable about this important part of health and well-being. You can refer them to this website for more information.

These healthcare providers will be given the opportunity to join this community of trauma-sensitive, future-focused healthcare providers, so that it will be easier to find a physician who can help you with a holistic approach to your health.

If you are looking for a new provider of health services, in the future the EMDR Therapist Network will provide a link to care providers who are knowledgeable about trauma, and committed to proper referrals and sensitive treatment. As a consumer of health care you have a great deal of impact on the marketplace through your choice for healthcare providers who treat you compassionately, holistically, and without judgment.

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We invite you to explore this site and learn more about how unresolved issues from your past and present may keep you from enjoying success and happiness now, and in the future. We trust you will be pleased with the compassionate and effective care offered by our therapists.

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