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Why doesn't my counselor use EMDR?

There are many services that counselors and therapists can provide for you with traditional talk therapy and psychodynamic skills-building within the safe and healthy environment that is formed with a trained clinician. But resolution of trauma material with EMDR is a specialized skill, and it is not unusual for a therapist to take the training and then feel reluctant to use it. That is why there are study groups, after the initial training, for ongoing support.

Many of the therapists on the EMDR Therapist Network were on the forefront of the movement to recognize trauma long before September 11th brought trauma and PTSD to national attention, and trauma became a buzz word. With training, your counselor is welcome in our study groups and to collaborate with our dynamic therapeutic community. Until your therapist is trained, you can certainly discuss a collaboration with an EMDR therapist. And your present counselor or therapist to get the best of what both may offer.


EMDR therapy is the single most researched psychotherapeutic treatment for PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder / Syndrome) and has shown clinical results for treating anger, depression, pain, social anxiety disorder. When traumatic memories are a part of a history, especially in children, it can be helpful in ADHD treatment. All therapists are encouraged to get training in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing through the EMDR Institute and other EMDRIA Approved Training, and to join your local study and consultation groups to increase your EMDR therapy skills.

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