Marla Feinberg, LMFT

Portland, Oregon  97205
United States
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833 SW 11th Ave,, #918
Portland, OR 97205

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Marla Feinberg, LMFT

Adults / Couples

I have been a therapist since 1992, and have been consistently amazed at the healing potential of EMDR - some clients are able to clear a trauma experience in one session. Often people will start laughing or just feel different - calm and relaxed. It can feel like a joyful experience!

I am also trained in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Trauma, which complements EMDR very nicely. I have taken many advanced courses in EMDR, and I am currently one of the few therapists in Portland trained in Accelerated Experiental Dynamic Psychotherapy, which helps with insecure attachment and trauma. Please check out my web site for more information.

My treatment philosophy is based on an understanding More >>>