Dr. Judy Chang Gummelt, PsyD

Portland, Oregon  97201
United States
(831) 238-0416

EMDR Therapist Judy.Gummelt

Judy P Chang, Psy.D.
1910 SW 18th Ave
Portland, OR 97201
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Judy P Chang, Psy.D.
Seattle, WA 98103
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Cell Phone: (831) 238-0416

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Dr. Judy Chang Gummelt, PsyD

Adults / Couples / Youth / Families / Groups / Children

EMDR is the most reliable tool I have found for quick, permanent change. One does not have to live with the effects of trauma as we once believed. In fact, I have found that old traumatic events are relatively easy to put to rest, so that one can be free to truly live in the present.

I have always specialized in working with emotional trauma and addictions even prior to my EMDR training. I also weave in what I call "Alchemy", working with parts of the self and inner guidance. In addition, I help client to learn effective communication skills to help in relationships.

I work holistically, meaning I look at the whole person: body, mind, emotion, spirit, social and enviroment. I understand how various factors influence More >>>