Desiree L. Porter, CMHC, MS

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United States
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EMDR Therapist Desiree.Porter

Spring Creek Wellness
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Farmington, UT 84025-2790
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Desiree L. Porter, CMHC, MS

Adults / Couples / Youth

Sometimes, as we look at our lives, we discover that we are not where we had envisioned we would be- almost like Dorothy of Kansas who suddenly found herself in Oz. Sorting out how we got to that point or how to get to where we want to be is not always as simple as it sounds. Sometimes there are friends or family members who can nudge us in another direction, but creating the life that is “home” doesn’t usually come from a simple conversation- it’s a journey. To add to the confusion, if we have experienced devastating or extremely painful life events they can leave us even more disoriented and lost.

There are those of use who deal with those lost feelings through worry or trying to control others or things around us; then there are those of use who get discouraged, feel hopeless, and want to give up.  More >>>