Debra J Schnack, MFT, MA

Portland, Oregon  97210
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Debra J. Schnack, MFT
2456 NW Northrup
Portland, OR 97210
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Debra J Schnack, MFT, MA

Adults / Couples / Youth

As an EMDR therapist, I continue to be astonished when a client leaves my office with the feeling that a very heavy load has been lifted from their shoulders. So many clients have been held back for years by unresolved issues from their past that have kept them from enjoying successes and happiness in their current life. Depression, anxiety, and PTSD have been constant companions for a long long time. Not able to change these feelings, they begin to feel discouraged and hopeless, believing it is impossible to resolve the unresolvable. In situations like these, and even less traumatic situations, I have found EMDR to be THE tool to use. It has been shown to have dramatic and lasting results backed by research and better yet, backed by the clients who who have experienced the results. It is used in trauma treatment, helping people address the challenges of their past, present, and future. Some clients have described EMDR as a process of weaving together fragments More >>>