Deborah Cohen, MFT

Davis, California  95616
United States
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EMDR Therapist Deborah.Cohen

Soul Wisdom Therapy
621 Fourth St, Suite 6
Davis, CA 95616
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Deborah Cohen, MFT

Adults / Couples / Groups / Families / Youth

I have been astounded by how quickly, efficiently and completely EMDR has healed so many of my clients who have been victims of accidents and traumatic events, and who suffer from chronic pain and generalized anxiety.

In addition to being certified in EMDR, I have certifications in hypnotherapy,group therapy, and life coaching. I have had advanced trainings in Energy Psychotherapy and meditation practice. I also have been trained in Brainspotting, a take-off from EMDR.

I believe that true healing comes from a willingness to go toward rather than away from our fears and anxieties. "The only way out is through" is really the truth. This is the value of EMDR and the other therapies I use.

Free Initial Consultation (Ask for details.) : (916) 491-1216