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Parenting Children In Difficult Times

EMDR Therapy for Children

EMDR Can Benefit the Whole Family

Have you ever wondered what life might be like on this planet if the next generation didn't have to inherit the emotional distress of their parents and society?

Young children lack the verbal and cognitive skills to discuss their experiences. A child can be impacted by an event or situation without any way to convey the problem to you. Sadly, well-meaning, loving parents often did not have healthy role models for parenting, and are unaware how their unskilled behavior may be impacting their children.

If your child has been exposed to any of the stressors in the list of trauma and abuse you should learn more about how children cope with distress, and might consider seeking professional assistance for your family. In the past, we did not have the choices that we have today: You can join the parents who are determined to change the multi-generational heritage of trauma. This is a powerful way to create a more stable, loving environment for the family.


Trauma Is Everyone's Problem

This earth has been populated by untold generations of trauma victims -- people who've suffered from experiences ranging from natural disaster, disease, pestilence, accidents and war to physical, emotional or sexual violence. Once you are armed with some knowledge about the impact of trauma, it is easy to see how our society's well-being depends on effective therapy for adult and child trauma.

The EMDR Therapist Network promotes healthy resolution of trauma for both children and parents. With healthy resolution of trauma in childhood, more children would grow into their full potential ... and fewer parents would have painful regrets.

The EMDR Therapist Network

We invite you to explore this site and learn more about how unresolved issues from your past and present may keep you from enjoying success and happiness now, and in the future. We trust you will be pleased with the compassionate and effective care offered by our therapists.

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