Lark Ryan, LCSW

Portland, Oregon  97232
United States
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EMDR Therapist Lark.Ryan

Lark Ryan,LCSW
1525 NE Weidler Suite 101
Portland, OR 97232
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Lark Ryan, LCSW


For almost 20 years, I have been honored to witness the healing of EMDR. It is profound, rapid, and lasting. I am creative in my use of EMDR, with a flexible, transparent style. It is inspiring to assist in the resolution of even ancient trauma in a relatively few sessions.

Beyond the first and second levels of EMDR training, I've been Certified as an EMDR therapist through the EMDR International Association. In addition to my specialty in treating PTSD and other forms of anxiety with EMDR, I have expertise in resolving performance anxiety.

In my practice I listen carefully to each individual's hopes (and fears) for their future. I believe we can choose to no longer be limited by the past. I foster the growth More >>>