Ardyce Schoonover, LIMHP, LPC

Omaha, Nebraska  68114
United States
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Ardyce Schoonover, LIMHP, LPC

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EMDR has exponentially expanded the relief and joy that my clients can reach. Each time I hear a client say, "It's over, It doesn't bother me any more, It seems so long ago, I feel so light," it brings me joy, too. It is a privilege to be able to offer EMDR and the healing it can bring.

In addition to my expertise in EMDR, I also have training and experience in working with low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, childhood abuse, and use cognitive-behavioral therapy and somatic therapy as adjuncts to the EMDR.

Difficult life experiences, including but not only trauma, can cause lasting feelings, reactions, and beliefs about the self. These can cause lasting problematic effects on life, such as anxiety, depression, More >>>